El pop electrónico de Empire Of The Sun vuelve con “Changes”

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Empire Of The Sun's electronic pop returns with “Changes”

Empire Of The Sunthe iconic electronic pop duo Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore, seeks to captivate the public again with its new song “Changes”. The long-awaited song is a rebirth after almost eight years since her last album.

The single “Changes” opens a new chapter for Empire Of The Sun, embodying their commitment to creating ethereal soundscapes that resonate with audiences on a deep level. With its careful melodies and voices, the song announces a sonic evolution while remaining faithful to the duo's characteristic style.

Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore They continue their musical journey as kingdom builders. Without leaving behind his ability to intertwine his music with his unmistakable visual aesthetic and his way of telling stories. As it explains Lord Littlemore: “Change represents the shifting sands of time, empires rise and fall, but the sun will continue to shine. Come once again to the world we have created.”

The duo also shared the following about the creation and writing of “Changes”: “It was a defining song for us. It was like the moment of clarity where it became clear that we were in the new era. Our moment of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire”.

The song's accompanying video, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Maxxisis an immersive journey into surreal realms. Maxxis, known for its evocative storytelling and striking visual aesthetic, collaborated closely with the band to craft a narrative that explores the power of imagination and the quest for self-discovery. “Changes” is just the beginning.

Empire Of The Sun has left an indelible mark on the world music scene. The band's three illustrious albums have garnered far-reaching, multi-generational success thanks to iconic anthems such as “Walking On A Dream”, “We Are The People”, “Alive” and “High And Low”. After these eight years since their last work, the band continues to consolidate its status as musical pioneers.

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