Empire of the Sun hate “radio music”… but they sing it

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Empire of the Sun hate “radio music”… but they sing it

Empire of the Sun announce new album. It will be the first in 8 years, which is how long it has been since the irregular 'Two Vines' was released. The authors of the successful 'Walking on a Dream' will return exactly on July 26 with the long title 'Ask that God'.

At the moment we know 2 advances. Previously, 'Changes' had been released, an acoustic song, 100% Empire of the Sun, which we also now know will open the album.

And today we know a second song called 'Music on the Radio, more disco-like in the classic sense of the word (it could be by Sylvester or Scissor Sisters). It is not the most imaginative thing they could have done in 8 years: the curiosity is provided by the lyrics.

The song is officially about “the silenced heroes,” and among them it seems we could include themselves. He says the chorus of the song: “I don't like the music on the radio, they don't play my song, I don't like the music on the radio, but I sing it (tararatata).” While at another point they give themselves: “there are things that I cannot hate forever, I found a full place to fall into,” after recognizing that they cannot “change the weather.” It seems like “if you can't beat the enemy, join him” accompanied by a fantasy video clip, as usual.

Side A
1 Changes
2.Cherry Blossom
3. Music On The Radio
4 The Feeling You Get
6. Television
Side B
1. Happy Like You
2. Stir
3.Wild World
4. Ask That God
5. Rhapsodize
6. Friends I Know

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