Emily Burns is the soft pop lover of 'Cheating on Her'

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Emily Burns is the soft pop lover of ‘Cheating on Her’

Emily Burns is a British singer, born in Scotland, who has been officially releasing music since 2016. In 2018, Burns released her debut mini-album, ‘Seven Scenes from the Same Summer’, sounding like the tropical pop of the time. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels could be influences on songs that could sound as timid and padded as ‘Test Drive’.

Later, in 2019, Burns released ‘Is It Just Me?’, a sentimental ballad that would give him his greatest success, since, adding the views of the original version, with those of the remix with JP Cooper, it exceeds 100 million views.

A few Emily Burns singles have hit the market next, such as the ballad ‘Balcony Floor’, but if an official debut album is on the way, Burns is taking it in her stride. At the moment she has published a striking single that may be pointing (or not) to the launch of a larger project.

‘Cheating on Her’ doesn’t completely divorce itself from the mono, tactile, soft electropop sound of Emily Burns’ first album, but it manages to be much more interesting by adding an electric guitar and tuning the sound as if it were something like the third Swedish Tove. And the composition is worthy of being our Song Of The Day today.

“I know you’ve cheated on her, but you’ve cheated on me” is the phrase in the chorus that reveals the concept of ‘Cheating on Her’. In the song, Emily is torn between the terror of both being discovered and the temptation to satisfy her own desires: “They say that what you give, comes back to you, and I’m afraid now it’s my turn” is one of the reflections. which he leaves in the lyrics, and then adds: “but it is difficult to forget how we met, and the emotion of touching each other for the first time.”

Emily remembers “the lies, the sex, acting cold in her eyes, making the bed again and driving off with the car honking.” She doesn’t run away from guilt: “you’re a bastard and I’m a slut, we should be ashamed,” she sings. She, at least, turns pain into a little pop gem.

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