Emilia and TINI make house "like Madonna in the 90s"

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Emilia and TINI make house “like Madonna in the 90s”

Emilia, the Argentine singer who became known during her time as a member of the Uruguayan band Rumbai, and who alone has released singles with million-dollar listeners such as ‘four twenty’ or ‘as if it didn’t matter’, continues to add hits. Her new album, with a nostalgic concept, ‘.mp3’ (pay attention to the cover), has been available for a few days.

The album includes a collaboration – for some reason unreleased – with Nathy Peluso, but the news is that at least two of her singles are officially being a success in Spain. ‘La Original’, with Tini, has risen to number 17 on Spotify, and ‘No se ve’ with LUDMILLA and Zecca appears at number 39. On the Promusicae list, ‘No se ve’ remains at number 39.

‘The Original’, today’s Song of the Day, would deserve the same impact. In an album that flirts with different styles of commercial pop from the 2000s (‘Facts’ sounds like Justin Timberlake, ‘Jagger’ like Ciara, ‘Iconic’ like Ne-Yo, ‘GTA’ looks at the clubs, ‘Exclusive’ mentions to the Black Eyed Peas), ‘La Original’ opts for house. Not exactly the one that “Madonna in the 90s” did, but almost.

The most basic and effective piano house is an influence on ‘La Original’, a song produced by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, authors of ‘Los Ángeles’ and other songs by Aitana, and ‘Despacito’. Here, Emilia, Tini and their co-writers (including Duki) deliver a good single to dance to in the clubs.

In ‘La Original’, Emilia and Tini “turn off the TV” to “make it professional”, without it being necessary to explain much more. A “mua” closes the recording, remembering that forgotten Dua Lipa single. “I always try to show all the parts of myself, but I feel that with all the criticism we sometimes face, we hide and don’t want to show our true essence,” Emilia describes. “This song talks about that.”

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