Eladio Carrión floods the top of Spain Singles

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Eladio Carrión floods the top of Spain Singles

Eladio Carrión’s number 1 on the Spanish Albums list was already a sign of his great success with the release of ‘Sol María’; However, his absolute dominance on the singles chart takes his success to a higher scale. The singer has positioned up to 16 songs among the 100 most listened to of the week in our country. The disk is 17.

The only song that has not entered the list is ‘That Mother***** Eladio’, a 40-second skit. For the rest, absolutely everyone makes their entry: ‘Blessed’ (#17), ‘La Canción Feliz del Disco’ with Milo J (#35), ‘TQMQA’ (#29), ‘Sonrisa’ (#52), ‘ Sigo Enamorau’ (#40), ‘Tu Ritmo’ (#47), ‘Hey Lil Mama’ with Rauw Alejandro (#9), ‘Tranquila Baby’ (#71), ‘Tanta Droga’ with Arcángel and De La Ghetto ( #54), ‘El Malo’ with Sech (#10), ‘Faith, Cojones and Patience’ (#86), ‘Todo Lit’ with Duki (#58), ‘Mention’ (#90), ‘RKO’ ( #41), ‘Luchas Mentales’ (#88) and ‘Mama’s Boy’ with Nach (#64).

Bizarrap and Young Miko remain in the highest position with their collaboration, which marked the seventh number 1 for the Argentine. On the other hand, another of his most recent collaborators, Milo J, seems to have found a hit with his song ‘MAI’, which climbs from position 47 to 16. Likewise, Mesita, Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK and Emilia rise in their third week to the top 10 with ‘Una Foto Remix’ (#7).

The last two entries (and the only ones that do not belong to Eladio Carrión) are awarded to Álvaro de Luna thanks to his ‘luck’ (#89) and Gonzy with ‘XClusivo’ (#95).

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