El Último Vecino searches for 'Cinta' in another jangle-pop anthem

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El Último Vecino searches for 'Cinta' in another jangle-pop anthem

El Último Vecino has just released a new album, 'RIQUI', the fourth of his career. 'RIQUI' comes after 'I swear and I promise' and its leader and sole member, Gerard Alegre Dòria, has presented it before its release with two previews, 'My gray jacket' and 'Cinta'. Two singles prior to these, 'Demasiado' and 'Matadora', have not been included in the repertoire.

Especially 'Cinta' can be counted among the best compositions ever signed by El Último Vecino. Written in the style of 80s jangle-pop, 'Cinta' is crowned with a round chorus. It's the Song of the Day for today, Thursday.

The disappointment of a love inspires 'Cinta'. The “”tape” to which Dòria alludes is polysemous. On the one hand, Dòria looks for “tape” to cover his “wounds.” On the other hand, he needs more meters of “tape” to continue living within his own “film.” Adding a third layer of meaning, the sound of 'Cinta' takes us back to the NME's cassette tape era, the C-86.

In 'Cinta', The Last Neighbor describes an “attack” by a person that has left him injured. And, in the second stanza, he leaves one of those phrases so typical of him, so colloquial and heartfelt at the same time: «You and your criminal mind
“My heart is terrible / You have really broken it.”

Afterwards, The Last Neighbor unburdens itself in a devastating chorus, full of despair. “I thought something special would happen / but it will dawn without anything else happening / you will never come back,” he sings, disappointed. Although the light those guitar chords shed are blinding.

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