Édith Piaf's biopic will use artificial intelligence

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Édith Piaf’s biopic will use artificial intelligence

Many years after ‘La vie en rose’, the film that represented the life of Édith Piaf, starring an enormous Marion Cotillard who won the Oscar for Best Actress for this role, a new biopic is coming about the sparrow of France. And it will use something new, artificial intelligence.

With this technology, the film’s producer, Seriously Happy, will recreate Édith Piaf’s voice so that it seems that the singer herself is narrating the film. Her animated image will also be recreated in this film, which, by the way, has had the approval of her heirs, reports Variety.

‘Édith’, as this is the title of the film, announced by Warner Music Group, will be set in Paris and New York in a time span that will run from the 1920s to the 1960s (Piaf died on October 10, 1963, just 60 years ago). Its provisional duration will be 90 minutes.

In ‘Édith’, the “animation will bring a modern vision to the story” of the iconic French singer, while “the inclusion of archival images, from her performances on stage and television, and other personal and interview images, will offer “will give audiences a truly authentic look at the most important moments in Piaf’s life,” Warner Music reported. In addition, the film “will uncover previously unknown aspects of her life.”

This 2023, the name of Édith Piaf has been much talked about following the success of ‘Padam Padam’ by Kylie Minogue, since, until very recently, the only ‘Padam Padam’ known to everyone was that of Édith Piaf. We leave you with him.

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