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Antelope Audio Edge Solo

We begin our collaboration with Antelope Audio And, coinciding with such a celebration, the brand gives you a gift that you cannot miss: an Edge Solo microphone!

Antelope Audio is a more than established brand in the professional circuit, thanks to the quality of its clocks and interfaces. They are also dedicated to microphones, further enhancing the excellent reputation of the brand.


Their microphones use an emulation system, through a plugin that you can load into your sequencer, in order to make your recording sound like the microphone it emulates. Several emulations are included with each microphone, although you can purchase more in their store. On his Soundcloud channel you have several examples of recordings.

Antelope Audio FEMALE VOX


The interfaces of Antelope Audio They are famous for the quality of their preamps, converters and their synchronicity. But we cannot forget their DSPsand above all their FPGAs, chips that allow you to load Antelope Audio effects on the card itself, without overloading your computer’s CPU. Various effects are included with each interface, but in their store you have a lot in case you are looking for a specific emulation. The quality of these plugins far exceeds average, which makes them very useful tools in your studio.

Synergy Core range

Edge Solo for free!

The offer at hand today refers to the Synergy Core range, made up of four interfaces:

  • Discrete 4 Synergy Core
  • Discrete 8 Synergy Core
  • Zen Tour Synergy Core
  • Orion Studio Synergy Core

You have the descriptions of each in the links, so you can investigate which one best suits your needs.

Well, when you buy one of these four interfaces, Antelope Audio gives you the Edge Solo microphone, which as you will see is valued at almost €500:

Microphone in our store

In addition, you also acquire the Bitwig Studio license, a DAW which offers you infinite possibilities for your compositions.

As you will see, Antelope Audio puts in your hands the possibility of creating a professional studio at an unbeatable price. Offer ends July 28. Hurry!

Ah! And also, with technical service in perfect Spanish!

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