Dysphonia caused by noise

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Dysphonia caused by noise

What is dysphonia?

The dysphonia It is the alteration of the normal timbre of the voice, either due to straining the vocal cords or due to an organic disorder. In most cases, this pathology usually disappears after a period of rest and treatment, especially when it is due to a vocal hyperfunction.

Dysphonia and noise

One of the main reasons that can cause dysphonia is vocal hyperfunction continued due to a noisy environment, whether in the private or work sphere. He Dr. Juan Royofrom the hearing health community Living the Soundhighlights that in these contexts, where we force ourselves to force our voices so that they can hear us, “We also end up straining the phonatory elements, which requires a vocal effort that usually leads to dysphonia”. In the workplace, we are talking about factory workers where a lot of noise is concentrated, sellers in marketsof teachers who work with young children…Also voice professionals, such as singers, radio announcers either people who answer telephone servicestend to present dysphonia relatively frequently.

Symptoms of dysphonia

The normal alteration of the timbre and tone of voice can present in different ways:

  • Changes in voice intensity.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Intermittent episodes of almost total absence of voice (aphonia).
  • Sore throat, especially when speaking.

Treatment of noise dysphonia

Treatment for dysphonia will depend on the cause of it:

  • Dysphonia caused by vocal hyperfunction due to a noisy context. In these cases, the most common and effective treatment is rest and, of course, the modification of these bad habits in the use of the voice.
  • Dysphonia due to infection. When the reason for this voice disorder has to do with infectious processesanti-inflammatories can be added to the aforementioned rest
  • Dysphonia due to vocal cord nodules. In this case, speech therapy will be required and, if there is no improvement, surgical intervention to remove them.
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