Dua Lipa announces new single, 'Houdini'

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Dua Lipa’s ‘Houdini’ is the strongest entry on Spanish Singles

After many months of waiting, Dua Lipa began her new era last week with the release of ‘Houdini’. The song is the first preview of the artist’s third studio album, which she will probably publish in 2024. And the expectations regarding her new sound have given her a foreseeably good debut.

Dua Lipa puts her single among the 30 most listened to songs of the week in Spain, achieving a huge 24th place if you take into account that the list barely leaves room for songs in English. In the United Kingdom, however, her top 2 finish behind Jack Harlow makes her debut seem less amazing for falling just short of number 1, despite her efforts.

On the other hand, the rise of Ana Mena with her ‘Madrid City’ is going further and makes her enter the top 10 on the list for the first time. The song has been climbing positions in recent weeks and has seen it reach tenth place this week, marking a new peak.

Behind Dua Lipa, the second highest entry is the collaboration between Manuel Carrasco and Camilo, who debut in position 29 with ‘Salitre’. Further down, the collaboration between Omar Montes and Nicky Jam, ‘Oye Bb’ also manages to sneak into the top 50 with its entry at number 43.

Melendi is another of the stars of the week after the publication of his album ’20 Años Sin Noticias’, in which he reviews his career and invites other artists to sing some of his main anthems with him. Those that have entered the list are ‘Sé Lo Que Hicisteis’ with Natos and Waor in position 48, ‘Caminando Por La Vida’ with David Bisbal in 65 and ‘Con La Luna Llena’ with Manuel Carrasco in the 95.

Regarding the rest of the entries, JC Reyes enters with his ‘Chula’ at number 67, María Becerra does so with the single ‘Piscina’ at number 84 and Morad debuts at position 85 with ‘No Han Cambiado’.

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