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Dua Lipa will not have collaborations on her next album

Dua Lipa continues to give details about her next album. The artist, who is on the cover of Rolling Stone in February, offered an interview in which she talked about her new influences (rave, Brit pop, trip-hop…). Now, in another exclusive for the magazine, she has revealed that her next album will not have any collaborations.

As happened with ‘Future Nostalgia’, the singer’s third album will dispense with any featuring: «Sometimes it is difficult to explain your vision to someone. It’s also hard to imagine anyone in it. “I think the songs are so complete, and these stories are so personal, that I felt like only I wanted to tell them.” However, she does not rule out doing duets or remixes later.

As for the stories Dua Lipa is referring to, her new album will largely focus on her experiences as a single woman. The artist “would get into the studio with her collaborators and use her quotes to compose songs,” reveals Rolling Stone. “It’s easy for me to talk about being single and its positive aspects,” she says, recalling the process of creating it.

“If it hadn’t been for the time I’ve spent writing these songs and understanding myself, I probably wouldn’t have known what I wanted, or how I viewed my relationship, or the type of person I was supposed to be with or what I wanted.” out. Every experience is a lesson. I have to thank God for my new album. “He has taught me a lot,” confesses the ‘Houdini’ singer.

Although she apparently will not collaborate with any of them for the album she has on the way, Dua Lipa has also stated that she is great friends with her industry colleagues Tove Lo and Charli XCX: “It’s a real friendship, not one of those things of famous people. We are very like-minded and we love to talk. “They are both very authentic.” Will any of them participate in a future remix?

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