Dua Lipa will need CDs and tapes to be top 1 in the UK with 'Houdini'

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Dua Lipa will need CDs and tapes to be top 1 in the UK with ‘Houdini’

The British midweeks have left a slightly disappointing result for Dua Lipa’s ‘Houdini’. The first single from their third album is not going to be, in principle, direct number 1, not even after the enormous success of ‘Future Nostalgia’ and its multiple reissues. The theme appears in the top 3 with 12,405 units shipped during the weekend. Yes, behind Jack Harlow, who she was linked to last year. It is as likely that the Beatles, number 1 at the moment, will fall as it is that the song by cassö, RAYE and D-Block Europe will surpass Dua. This is how things stand at the moment, according to the Buzzjack forum.

1 The Beatles – Now and Then (14,843)
2 Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me (14,660) *
3 Dua Lipa – Houdini (12,405) *
4 cassö, RAYE & D-Block Europe – Prada (12,046)
5 Tate McRae – greedy (9,952)

Of course, there is hope for ‘Houdini’. The song remains in the top 7 of Spotify UK today: it does not collapse, after having reached number 2 on the day of release. And above all, his team has a succulent promotion of CD singles, in the wake of what was recently seen with Billie Eilish or The Beatles.

On their website there is a whole collection of cassettes and CD singles that will be sold this week to try to ensure that ‘Houdini’ takes off. They can be purchased for £1 and £2 and will count as long as they are shipped before the stores close on Thursday. Word is that his team is calculating how many copies they will need to send to guarantee that number 1.

Regarding the international performance of ‘Houdini’, the song rises to number 8 on Spotify Global on its 4th day, after having entered position 2, having dropped to number 6 and then to number 10. That is, after the initial enthusiasm on Friday, The issue fizzled out on Saturday and Sunday, but took off again on Monday.

Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia are among the most enthusiastic countries, while in the United States the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 seems elusive. In Spain the song is number 35 on Spotify after having entered position 23, so at least the top 40 seems possible.

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