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Dua Lipa previews ‘Training Season’, her next single

Dua Lipa has announced ‘Training Season’, the second single from her new era. After many rumors about the song, the artist has finally confirmed its release through social networks, which will be on February 15. It is produced by Danny L Harle and Kevin Parker, while Dua Lipa, Danny, Kevin, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Caroline Ailin are listed as songwriters.

He made the first preview of the song yesterday through his WhatsApp channel, where he shared a 10-second video in which the beginning of the song can be heard. Today she has revealed more of the same content again, bringing to light up to 30 seconds. “When I feel vulnerable, he speaks directly to my soul / Too much talking / Makes me giddy,” Dua Lipa sings.

The news comes a few days after learning that he will perform at the next Grammy ceremony, which will be held on February 4. The artist showed her enthusiasm in a Photography uploaded to Instagram, in which it is observed that Dua Lipa is rehearsing two songs for the performance. The second of them is ‘Houdini’, but the title of the first is not shown. However, on his sweatshirt you can read ‘Training Season’ backwards, the single he announced today.

If that hidden title is ‘Training Season’, its promotion could begin sooner than we expect. There is no reason for Dua Lipa to hide the title of ‘Dance the Night’ if that were the song she plans to sing alongside ‘Houdini’, so will the artist intend to present her new single during the night of the that the entire music industry is waiting? Will she try to go viral by performing a piece of the song to get her ‘Desphá’? Or is she simply singing the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack and she wanted to play the game?

«’Training Season’ is about the end of my training period and me growing with each experience. I have never felt more confident, calmer or stronger. And although the training stage may never end for any of us, you begin to realize how nice it is to find that person to go through that stage with. “You stop focusing on the apprentices and you become more interested in having someone who is where you are and with whom you can grow,” has commented Dua Lipa on the song.

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