Dua Lipa has no time to waste in 'Houdini'

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Dua Lipa has no time to waste in ‘Houdini’

Dua Lipa has released ‘Houdini’, her new single. ‘Houdini’ is a co-production by Kevin Parker, i.e. Tame Impala, and Danny L. Harle, known for his work with Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX or of course alone, adjacent to the PC Music collective. Among the co-writers of ‘Houdini’ is also Tobias Jesso Jr., Adele’s collaborator.

‘Houdini’ is a robust production that shows the hand of Tame Impala especially in the type of percussion used and, above all, in its distorted ending. It is without any reservation today’s Song Of The Day.

Adding to the short but noble list of songs named after the famous Hungarian-American magician (Kate Bush, Foster the People), ‘Houdini’ sounds like the logical evolution of ‘Future Nostalgia’. The synthesizers take ‘Houdini’ to the “future”, but there is something of “nostalgia” in the type of drums used that refer to the disco music of past times.

Dua Lipa’s escape is of course related to love: she has no time to waste with anyone who doesn’t treat her as she deserves. “I’m not here for long, catch me if you can, Houdini” is the challenge that Dua Lipa leaves in the lyrics, to which she adds: “maybe you can make me change.”

“The lyrics are shameless, but there is an underlying message, that of knowing yourself deeply, knowing your worth, and not feeling guilty about it,” Dua explained on Apple Music. “Sometimes you have to become a Houdini and leave a situation that is not giving you anything.” Meanwhile, ‘Houdini’ is going to stay with us for a long time.

Dua Lipa has confirmed – perhaps some clarification was needed – that ‘Houdini’ is the first preview of her next studio album. He hasn’t given any more details about this new work, but his use of heart emojis may be giving clues to its title.

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