Don't put out the fire by girl in red

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Don’t put out the fire by girl in red

Among the great returns from today’s release day is that of girl in red. ‘I’m Doing it Again Baby!’ It comes out on April 12, and the first preview can be heard starting tonight.

In ‘Too Much’, Marie Ulven once again demonstrates why Taylor Swift was hooked on her first album. Eighties pop is an influence on the sound of ‘Too Much’, although filtered through the current alternative pop of Troye Sivan or Lorde. All in the service of one of the most immediate choruses she has written, in today’s clear Song Of The Day.

‘Too Much’ is girl in red’s message to a couple who undermines her morale. Ulven expresses his love for her and only receives scorn. In the end, she jumps through hoops and emotionally represses herself to please her partner. “You turn the volume down on me, I stay almost silent,” she sings.

The video for ‘Too Much’ represents the message of the lyrics in several ways. In a metaphorical scene, Ulven protects her partner from the rain, and the girl not only does not share the umbrella, but she dedicates herself to looking at her cell phone, oblivious to the other’s suffering.

But girl in red finally stands up and, in the chorus of ‘Too Much’, she puts the dots on all the i’s: “Don’t say that I’m too much, that I step out of line, you don’t understand me.” When Ulven sings “we are so different, you are on Earth and I am on Mars,” she seems both to accept a defeat and to understand that a new path lies ahead of her.

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