"Don't miss" the new Maya Hawke

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“Don’t miss” the new Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke, singer and actress known for her role in ‘Stranger Things’, releases a new album on May 31. ‘Chaos Angel’ is Hakwe’s third album, and comes after the highly recommended ‘Moss’, released in 2021.

The concept of ‘Chaos Angel’ revolves around the titular character, an “angel of chaos” who grows up thinking she is a “Goddess of love”, but around her she creates only destruction. The album will narrate “the return home” of the protagonist, and her “return to all the places that she believes she has destroyed.” On her way, among the ruins, she finds “magic and beauty.”

From that magic comes the first single from ‘Chaos Angel’. ‘Missing Out’ is another pill of friendly indie-rock from Maya Hawke that doesn’t give up a certain country-pop influence or the synthesizer. It is today’s Song of the Day, already included in the “Ready for the Weekend” playlist that we will continue to update.

In ‘Missing Out’, Hawke describes a life marked by missed opportunities. She could have gone to college, but now she’s the “drunk” friend who tries to hook up with the “younger guy” than her. Hawke recognizes that she was born into a fortunate family (she is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke) but her disaster seems to get the better of him.

Hawke explains that ‘Missing Out’ comes from a conversation about the future she has with a close friend. This girl, Lucy, portrayed in the first paragraph of the song, wants to write “the next great American novel.” Hawke bursts out laughing: “It made me feel older, and like I’m definitely somewhere else in my life.”

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