Don't let the noise spoil the show

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Don’t let the noise spoil the show

Formula 1 and motorcycle racing are a spectacle. A great show. And as with most sporting events, watching these races on television is not the same as watching them in situ. The emotion soars. And the adrenaline. But also the noise. And not being well equipped against excess decibels can be a torment. To give us an idea, a car can generate up to 160 decibels of sound… and the pain threshold is around 130. In other words: the noise caused by a Formula 1 car is similar to that of a jet at a twenty meters from us. Therefore, to inform and raise awareness about noise at sporting events, UMusic installed an information tent at the Circuit de Catalunya last weekend.Without a doubt, it is the single-seaters that generate the most noise. But in a motorcycling test, a motorcycle traveling at 120 kilometers per hour almost reaches 100 decibels. And exposure of more than seven minutes to this sound level can cause hearing damage.

In the UMusic tent, attendees were informed of the existence of different types of hearing protectors. From standard earplugs to protective helmets, for both adults and children.

In the aforementioned tent it was also pointed out that prolonged exposure to acoustic impacts that exceed 100 decibels not only causes hearing damage, but also generates irritability and stress. And even blood pressure can skyrocket. Given such consequences, and emphasizing that there is no better way to enjoy a motorcycle or F1 race than to see it live, you must go to the circuit well equipped. Water, good company…and hearing protectors, of course.

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