Doja Cat says she didn't want 'Paint the Town Red' on her album

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Doja Cat says she didn’t want ‘Paint the Town Red’ on her album

Doja Cat has confessed that she did not want to include ‘Paint the Town Red’, one of the biggest hits of 2023, on her album this year, ‘Scarlet’. Doja, who, in the past, has disowned her more pop albums, which she considers “mediocre”, has declared that ‘Paint the Town Red’ is the type of song she was “running away from” during the writing of ‘Scarlet’ precisely for being too “kind and easy to digest.”

“‘Paint the Town Red’ reminded me of supermarket music, I don’t know why,” Doja said. The rapper is probably referring to her presence in the song of a sample of ‘Walk on By’, Dionne Warwick’s easy-listening classic. “The song starts with a swear word, it’s a bit risky in that sense, but the song has a rather correct tone.” Doja claims that her label had to convince her to include ‘Paint the Town Red’ on the album because she wanted to make a “darker” album, but adds that it was “a good decision to include it” and that its success did not surprise her.

However, Doja assures that the most important song of ‘Scarlet’ seems to her ‘Skull and Bones’ because, in the lyrics, “I get rid of a lot of things.”

At another point in the interview, Doja speaks out about the controversy sparked by the photograph of her in which she appeared wearing a t-shirt with the face of comedian Sam Hyde, linked to the extreme right. Doja says that “there are too dogmatic people” in the world, that her decision to wear said shirt “is not an attack” although it may seem like one to some and that the controversy “has not affected the world”, and defends that “I don’t need give no explanation.” She claims that she feels “too famous” and claims that she is trying to distance herself “from this world that I have built.”

Doja Cat has recently announced the dates of the European tour of ‘Scarlet’, which will pass through Paris or Lisbon, but not Spain.

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