Discreet numbers for Usher after the most watched Super Bowl in history

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Discreet numbers for Usher after the most watched Super Bowl in history

The 2024 Super Bowl has produced absolutely historic numbers. Official data confirms that it has been the most watched Super Bowl in history. With 123.4 million viewers, the 2024 Super Bowl becomes the second most watched televised event of all time in the United States, surpassed only by the broadcast of the moon landing, which – it is estimated – attracted between 125 and 150 million viewers in 1969, when there were fewer networks, television was new and the Internet was not a reality.

The Super Bowl figures amount to 202 million, counting the viewers who tuned in to the game at some point during the day. Many of these spectators were of course carried away by the Taylor Swift effect, who was in the stands supporting her partner, Travis Kelce, a player from the team that finally won the Super Bowl game, the Kansas City Chiefs, who imposed on the San Francisco 49ers by 25 to 22 points.

Taylor Swift’s presence at the Super Bowl has generated numerous headlines in the days leading up to the game. A sector of American republicanism has become entangled in conspiring to try to promote the idea that Swift’s presence at the Super Bowl has been a ruse by Joe Biden to create Democratic propaganda for the next general elections.

Usher’s figures

But the real musical protagonist of the Super Bowl has not been Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, since the latter announced an album during the event, but Usher, who has performed on the long-awaited Halftime Show. Usher’s Super Bowl intermission has attracted 30.1 million “households” in the United States according to Forbes, 5% more than Rihanna’s. Forbes speculates that about 100 million people (counting families, friends gathered at home, etc.) have been able to watch the intermission. It is not an unreasonable figure considering that the match in question has been the most watched in history.

The Super Bowl effect has returned several Usher songs to the Spotify charts. Although only one has entered the global list, ‘Yeah’, and it has done so in a discreet 36th position. It is evident that Usher’s music does not enjoy the global popularity of that of Rihanna, who last year released up to 15 singles in the global top of Spotify after his performance.

Usher’s audience is mostly concentrated in the United States and several of his songs enter the top 50 on Spotify in the North American country. The most listened to is once again ‘Yeah’, which enters at number 9, followed by ‘My Boo’ with Alicia Keys at number 22. At number 39 appears ‘DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again’, one of the great absences of the Usher’s repertoire at intermission. Finally, ‘Hey Daddy (Daddys Home)’ comes in at number 40, and ‘Love in this Club’ at number 41. The US top 50 is currently flooded by songs from Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s album. It should be remembered that Usher has just released a new album, ‘Coming Home’, although it is not generating much interest.

In any case, the great audience data for the 2024 Super Bowl makes Usher’s interlude the most watched in history, closely followed by Rihanna’s. Katy Perry, who held the record for years, comes in third. This is the top 10 most viewed intermediates in history according to the data published by Billboard:

1.- Usher, 123.4 million (2024)
2.- Rihanna, 121,017 million (2023)
3.- Katy Perry, 121 million (2015)
4.- Lady Gaga, 117.5 million (2017)
5.- Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, 115.5 million (2016)
6.- Bruno Mars, 115.3 million (2014)
7.- Madonna, 114 million (2012)
8.- Beyoncé, 110.8 million (2013)
9.- Black Eyed Peas, 110.2 million (2011)
10. -Justin Timberlake, 106.6 million (2018)

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