Differences between an audiologist and an otolaryngologist

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Differences between an audiologist and an otolaryngologist

Although both are specialists in hearing health, one otorhinolaryngologist and one audiologist They are different professionals with different skills. The main difference is that the ENT specialists are doctors who diagnose and cure pathologies related to the ear.while he/she Audiologist is responsible for correcting hearing disorders using hearing aids or hearing implants.. In the next post we give you more details about the differences between an ENT doctor and an audiologist.

The difference between an ENT doctor and an audiologist is analogous to that of a ophthalmologist and a/to optical. If in these two cases, the first diagnoses vision loss and the second prescribes corrective glasses, when we talk about hearing, an ENT doctor is the one who determines and cures ear pathologies and the audiologist is the one who corrects cases of Hearing loss through earphones either hearing implants.

Given this distinction, many people may wonder if it is better to go to an ENT first if they have hearing loss symptoms. In this sense, if the symptoms only refer to hearing problems and no other cases are present – such as earache, suppuration, vertigo either lumps in the earto give several examples – you can go directly to an audiologist.

More differences between otolaryngologists and audiologists

If we go into more detail, it is important to point out that otolaryngologists are not only in charge of the study, diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the ear, but they also deal with the pathologies related to the upper and part of the lower respiratory tract (nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx and larynx). This specialist is also in charge of surgery related to the thyroid gland.

In the case of audiologists, they not only correct hearing loss problems, but also help in auditory rehabilitation processesespecially in cases of hearing aids, and are also involved in the adaptation processes of the hearing aids. cochlear or osseointegrated implants (inserted by ENT surgeons through surgical intervention).

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