Depedro anuncia primeras fechas de la gira de “Un lugar perfecto”

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Depedro announces first dates of the “A perfect place” tour

The Madrid native Depedro has a new job, “A perfect place”. And if his new songs weren't enough, he's now sharing his first tour dates.

“A perfect place” It is Depedro's ninth studio work and, at the same time, the reason why the artist will continue to tour throughout the country. It will offer concerts in two different formats. Some will be solo and others will be accompanied by the band. LIPAmade up of students from the famous art school sponsored by the same Paul MCCARTNEY.

The entries to see in concert someone who was a member of Blue Cow and 3000 Menwith his new material just released, They are now available in this same link. And what are those dates? Well, the ones you can find under the video clip.

“A Perfect Place” Tour Dates:

June 8 – The Sonoro Forest (Zaragoza)
June 13 – Malandar (Seville) + LIPA
June 14 – Off Cultura (Badajoz) + LIPA
June 15 – Art Circle (Toledo) + LIPA
June 28 to 30 – Mugacu Festival (Navarra)
June 28 to 30 – Tierra Global Festival (Valencia)
July 5 – Río Babel Festival (Madrid)
July 12 – Cruïlla Festival (Barcelona)
July 13 – Planeta Sound (Ponferrada)
July 20 – Atlantic Fest (Galicia)
July 25 – La Mar de Música (Cartagena)
August 2 – Es Claustre (Menorca)
October 25 – Jimmy Jazz (Vitoria)
October 26 – Santana 27 (Bilbao)
November 8 – Sala Andén 56 (Burgos)
January 17 – Zentral (Pamplona)
March 8 – Opera Palace (A Coruña)

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