Denna's single is not a "404 error"

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Denna’s single is not a “404 error”

Denna, the third expelled from Operación Triunfo 2023, has published her first single, ‘404’. The song has been available for days exclusively on Amazon Music, and will be available on Spotify starting this Friday.

Denna goes all out in ‘404’ delivering a careful pop-house production one hundred percent delivered to the dance floor. So careful, so careful, that the producers KICKBOMBO and LEX C go (a little) out of hand reloading it with effects.

But ‘404’ works for two reasons. On the one hand, the pre-chorus melody (“today we come to play”) is exciting. On the other hand, the chorus (“All my shorties are so on so they go up”) doubles as a “drop” and fulfills its purpose perfectly. ‘404’ is not too far from what Ana Mena or Lola Indigo could sign today.

The choni universe, so fashionable, is also present in ‘404’. In the lyrics, Denna and her friends, whom she mentions by name, Sara, Lucía and Claudia, embody the “Bratz.” And, the video clip for ‘404’, which premieres this Friday on YouTube, is polygonal.

All in all, ‘404’ is, at the moment, the closest thing to a hit that has come out of Operación Triunfo 2023. It may not be Denna’s “mission” to sound like Katy B from ‘Katy on a Mission’, but in the way is. ‘404’ is a clubby and forceful song and fulfills the idea that Denna herself had of her own career before leaving the Academy, dedicating herself to house music.

In this way, Denna has followed in the footsteps of Suzete, Salma and Álex Marquez. Violeta will soon be the one to publish her first single.

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