Dellafuente presenta el libro “Los escritos de Torii Yama”

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Dellafuente presents the book “The writings of Torii Yama”

Dellafuente starred last Tuesday, May 21, in a special event at the Condeduque Cultural Center of Madrid. In it he presented the book “The Writings of Torii Yama”exclusive for the presentation.

There were two passes with tickets that went on sale and were sold out in just a few minutes. It was a special presentation of “The Writings of Torii Yama”something that the five hundred followers of the Andalusian artist discovered there after Dellafuente's social media posts, which did not give many clues about it.

“The Writings of Torii Yama” is a compilation of unpublished lyrics by the Granada native adapted to be presented in a collection of poems, which, like his entire career, combines classicism in substance and formal avant-garde, presented in a special format available exclusively to those attending the event. At the event, no attendee was able to use his mobile phone and there was a reflection on the use of social networks when distorting reality and creating false narratives. Dellafuente intended to “reconnect the public with what really matters: the heart of the human experience, which is what we are capable of feeling and perceiving without intermediaries.”

“The Writings of Torii Yama” They seek to put the focus on the texts of the Granada native to emphasize the message and the substance of the creative universe of one of the most important artists of the Spanish urban scene now that he is celebrating ten years of his career. The presentation was a poetic recital in which participated Irene Dominguezone of the most important voices of young national poetry, awarded with the second prize of the prestigious Adonáis Prize and researcher of the relationships between popular music and poetry; Aroa Fernandezflamenco artist and regular collaborator of Dellafuente, and other artists such as Maka either The Plazuela and that was led by Luis María Maínez.

Now we will have to be attentive in case “The Writings of Torii Yama” It has another edition so that many other fans of the artist can get a copy of this compilation of texts.

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