DELLAFUENTE and Morad have 'Broken Hands' in their new hit

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DELLAFUENTE and Morad have ‘Broken Hands’ in their new hit

DELLAFUENTE continues to release singles months after publishing the album ‘Lagrimas pa’ otro día’, one of the best of his career. In recent weeks he has presented to the world ‘Supersaiyan’ with Maka, ‘1000 Veces’ with Beny Jr or the collaboration with Lola Indigo ‘Bad Luck’.

Pablo Enoc Bayo’s latest move has been to collaborate with Morad on a new joint single. In less than a week, ‘Manos rotas’ exceeds 2 million views on Spotify and is ranked fifth among the most listened to songs in Spain.

Morad, author of one of the key national pop albums of 2023, ‘Reinsertado’, and DELLAFUENTE deliver a song dedicated to heartbreak. Phrases like “it gave so much that it broke”, “I wanted you by my side, not with the other side” or “you have isolated me like a homeless man” paint the image of a bitter breakup, and other lines seem to describe a wear and tear caused by the fights and addictions. “There is no reason in the heart of an addict” is one of the reflections that the lyrics leave.

‘Manos rotos’ does not represent any artistic break for either DELLAFUENTE or Morad, which does not mean that their fusion of reggaetón and flamenco is not once again tremendously effective. Wrapped in an atmospheric, ethereal production, ‘Manos rotos’ is once again a composition written with emotions on the surface. That he is connected to the audience cannot surprise anyone.

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