Delaporte llevan a la pista el clásico chotis “Madrid”

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Delaporte brings the classic chotis “Madrid” to the court

First they were Sidecars and Gins those who have joined the campaign Vibra Mahou in relation to San Isidro. Now they are Delaporte who join in making a version of the classic chotis “Madrid” by Agustin Lara.

The electro-pop duo has joined the campaign Vibra Mahouborn in San Isidro, like other bands like Sidecars and Ginebras, making their own version of the classic chotis “Madrid”, by Agustín Lara, which they have called “Madriz Madriz” and which they have turned into a piste and electronic song that It can be danced outside of popular festivals.

Sandra and Sergio, Madrid natives by birth and adoption respectively, thus pay tribute to the city that has seen them grow as artists. “We are part of Madrid, of the San Isidro Festival and of the way in which our city celebrates life. Madrid seeps into its depths, its energy infects us and that is why we all feel so Madrid, whether we were born here or not. ”.

To accompany the song, a video recorded by the duo recorded in Las Vistillas, an emblematic setting for Madrid residents and which Delaporte uses to support their new song, has been shared on platforms.

In addition, the group continues to tour our country presenting their latest work “Here and now”, which they released at the beginning of the year. The next dates:
May 24 – Oh, See! Festival, Malaga.
June 7 – Palencia Sonora.
June 9 – Tenerife Music Festival.
June 21 – Antorchas Festival, Albacete.
June 29 – Music in Grande, Torrelavega.
July 5 – Oasis Sound, Ciudad Real.
July 6 – Río Babel, Madrid.
July 12 – Cruïlla Festival, Barcelona.
July 20 – FIB International Festival of Benicassim.
July 26 – Low Festival, Benidorm.
August 2-3-4 – Amante Festival, Borja (Zaragoza).
August 7-11 – Sonorama Ribera Festival, Aranda de Duero (Burgos).
August 30-31 – Sonora Natural Festival, Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres).
September 6 – Ebrovisión Festival, Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).
September 13-14 – Granada Sound Festival

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