Delaporte announce 2nd Riviera and sing of contradiction with Alice Wonder

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Delaporte announce 2nd Riviera and sing of contradiction with Alice Wonder

Delaporte are finalizing their new album. They will present it, among other places, at La Riviera in Madrid over two non-consecutive nights. After selling out the tickets for February 9 in just a few weeks, the duo announces a second concert for February 17, for which tickets are already on sale through, Ticketmaster and El Corte Inglés.

If the first single that we knew from that next work was the badass ‘Me la pegué’, the new ‘Ángel fallen’ is his finest response. Although it is just the other side of the same coin, since Sandra and Sergio’s obsession continues to be to give themselves directly to people, as a way of refuge, to escape from toxic love. Delaporte’s new album is about “all the forms of romantic love that we have been taught always end in failure.”

That is what ‘Fallen Angel’, our Song of the Day today, is about, with all its contradictions. The song, a collaboration with Alice Wonder, starts small, and then explores the hard techno resources it alludes to. As the lyrics say, “you are born in the dark / I have to crawl to find you / Now I want to wake up.” Perhaps the strength of the bass drum represents that “awakening.”

The lyrics of ‘Fallen Angel’ say one thing and the opposite at the same time: “I am a fallen angel and that’s why you love me” and also “that’s why you don’t love me.” The tug-of-war situation is portrayed in the stanza “You say you dare / That I am what you want / But you regret it.” Sandra details: “we are talking about something very common and unhealthy that happens a lot to Alice and me, and that is that it seems that we are not able to value what life gives and brings and is real. The person in front of you and who wants to be with you and corresponds to you and, on the other hand, we lose ourselves more in fantasies and ideals that do not yet exist or that may never be.

In line with the idea that the important thing about this era will be the live shows and the audience, the video clip for ‘Angel Callen’ shows a lot of couples kissing in the audience of a show. Sandra continues: «I want to party with people, create more community. Sergio and I have realized that the protagonist is the audience and that the best way to enjoy it is to live in the moment. That energy heals us and makes us fly. It is a mutual feeling, which only happens here and now.

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