Death to anyone who doesn't blow up the floor with Delaporte

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Death to anyone who doesn’t blow up the floor with Delaporte

Delaporte have given themselves over to their most hedonistic stage. This is what they have captured in his latest album, ‘Here and Now’, which seems like just the excuse for the party that his concerts have become for some time now. This is what the city of Madrid has just experienced in two concerts in La Riviera for two consecutive weekends (February 9 and 17).

The duo formed by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi alternates the “live” with the session, to the point that their current show opens with a long intro in which the main protagonist is a version of ‘Toro’ by El Columpio Asesino, above his own songs like ‘A garden’. Who would have thought when it began to make its way thanks to ‘Fama, Let’s Dance!’.

His career continues to be pure exclamation. Sandra’s mouth fills with phrases like “to fucking death!”, “I’ll eat your faces, but to each your own!”, “My ass is sweating!” or “I could drop dead right now.” Like a coach full of energy and desire, more than singing, she shouts and cheers at the audience.

Despite having a beautiful and delicate voice, suitable for ballads as beautiful as ‘The Mountains’, at one point she even states that she “doesn’t like to sing at all, what she wants is to dance.” And Delaporte’s current repertoire, absolutely free of ballads, is the perfect path for this.

Among hits like ‘Ni un kiss’ or ‘Droga dura’, current singles like ‘Techno cura’, ‘Me la pegué’ or ‘Súbete la radio’ are inserted, which they claim is their favorite. Alice Wonder does not fail and appears to join the best song on this latest album, ‘Fallen Angel’.

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‘Clap Clap’, perhaps Delaporte’s most brilliant production, does not even remotely represent the great zenith of the concert, because the group is very busy inserting fragments of ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ into ‘Bang Bang’, from ‘Hung Up in ‘ I hit it’ or ‘Gasolina’ in ‘Cariñito’. Not to mention that moment when Sandra and Sergio’s mothers come on stage to dance that hot act called ‘Pussy Fractal’. “I came out of my mother’s pussy, and my mother came out of her mother,” they repeat over and over again, hugging themselves.

Jaime Massieu

A girl on someone’s shoulders keeps waving a sign that says “Delaporte cures”, as proof that the show does not allow itself to decline in its 100 minutes of duration. A song that has not even been a single called ‘I’m from here’ becomes the anthem to shout and, once the concert is over, everyone continues chanting “death to the one who doesn’t burst the floor.” People begin to leave the room with the lights on and other music playing in the background. Sandra throws herself into the audience and mixes among the people, refusing to go not only home, but to her dressing room. No one can say that she is not enjoying the moment…

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