David Guetta and Kim Petras should succeed by shooting 'The Logical Song'

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David Guetta and Kim Petras should succeed by shooting ‘The Logical Song’

The trend of blatantly interpolating hits from past decades continues. David Guetta is an expert on the subject, because with Bebe Rexha he has recently achieved one of the greatest successes of his entire career by shooting Eiffel’s ‘Blue’65. ‘Baby Do n’t Hurt Me’ is another of his recent releases.

Kim Petras also knows about the matter, since her single ‘Alone’ with Nicki Minaj reproduced the base of ‘Better Off Alone’ by Alice Deejay. In her defense, she did so less obviously than expected. Perhaps, for this reason, the single has been a failure on the charts, despite the power of her guest name.

It is “logical”, in any case, that David Guetta and Kim Petras join forces on a joint single. And ‘When We Were Young’ is also not shy about shooting a hit popularly known to everyone, ‘The Logical Song’ by Supertramp. From the 90s we go to the 70s. The precedent is of course the successful German band Scooter, whose 2001 version was a hit in Europe at the time.

The adaptation by David Guetta and Kim Petras does not stray too far from the happy hardcore of Scooter, but, to the formula, it adds those trance pianos that are so fashionable lately (Ana Mena knows this), especially since Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding rocked it with ‘Miracle’ a few months ago.

All in all, it would be surprising if ‘When We Were Young’ doesn’t become a hit. It has everything to succeed: two fashionable names, an impossible more obvious “interpolation”, the pop sound of the moment and lyrics that appeal to nostalgia without any more mystery. The colorful video clip is now available.

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