Daryl Hall seeks restraining order against John Oates

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Daryl Hall seeks restraining order against John Oates

Daryl Hall and John Oates, known worldwide as members of the eponymous rock duo Hall & Oates, are increasingly drifting apart. This Thursday, Daryl Hall filed a lawsuit against his former partner John Oates, alleging breaches in the contract that the duo signed that established the rights to their music.

Although there is not much information about this legal conflict, it has been announced that, this Friday, the court has agreed to Hall’s request for a temporary restraining order. This order would go into effect on November 30.

As the signed agreement is not public, the points that Hall supposedly accuses Oates of having failed to comply with have not yet been revealed. However, according to CNN, the restraining order is a measure that is usually issued in the middle of a commercial dispute, in order to prevent one of the parties from harming the economic interests of the other.

At the end of last year, Hall already gave clues about the possible trigger of the conflict. On the ‘Club Random’ podcast, Bill Maher spoke of Oates as his “business partner” instead of his “creative partner”, which could be interpreted as a statement that he does not believe that his partner can perform the hits of the album alone. duo, like ‘Private Eyes’.

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