'Dararí' should be Aitana's next hit

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‘Dararí’ should be Aitana’s next hit

Neither ‘Las Babys’ – which, mind you, is double platinum – nor ‘miamor’ with Rels B, nor the collaboration with Danna Paola that the public has received so well. The most sophisticated production on ‘alpha’, Aitana’s new album, after ‘Los Ángeles’, is ‘Dararí’.

At one point, it seemed like it could become his new hit. But Éxitos España, the most important Spotify playlist in our country, has stopped supporting it just after 3 weeks. They are too busy supporting Kiko Rivera’s ‘El mambo’. In any case, ‘Dararí’ is the Song of the Day for this Thursday on JENESAISPOP.

“Da, da-ra-ra-ra-ri-ra-rá” is the chorus of this song, so it’s funny that it appears in the ‘alpha’ sequence right after the adaptation of ‘Saturday Night’. Let’s remember that that nineties hit was also known as the “dididadadá” because that’s how it started.

‘Dararí’ is also set in the same decade, especially through bass drum and piano, but it is a more melancholic and sad song, of breakup. Aitana affirms that “we never understood each other” and that “there is nothing left here / We have known it for a long time / even though you did not accept it.”

In a “track by track” made for Los 40 Principales, Aitana places ‘Dararí’ as one of her favorites on the album, thanks to her work with Kuinvi (the Ecuadorian producer Valentina López): this is one of the productions that she has NOT made with Andrés and Mauricio, authors of ‘Despacito’ and frequently his right hand. She indicates: «’Dararí’ is one of the ones I like the most on the album. I worked with Kuinvi and it flowed a lot in the studio. I grabbed the microphone, put on the headphones, put on a base and started releasing melodies. It was super strong. Then I finished the lyrics, but it is a song very much from that moment.

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