Danny Brown is a "cyborg with vocal cords" in 'Tantor'

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Danny Brown is a “cyborg with vocal cords” in ‘Tantor’

Danny Brown, the Detroit rapper known for his hit ‘Grown Up’, and for the good critical acceptance of albums like ‘Old’ (2013), ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ (2016) or ‘uknowhatimsayin’ (2019), has a new album in hand and it will be released in a month, on November 17.

‘Quaranta’ is Brown’s new album, a work that follows in the wake of his 2011 mixtape ‘XXX’, as it is said to be the “spiritual culmination” of that album. ‘Quaranta’ now shows “the most complete version of Danny Brown”, relying on the production of collaborators such as SKYWLKR, The Alchemist and Quelle Chris.

The first preview of ‘Quaranta’ is ‘Tantor’, which wanders between industrial hip-hop and free jazz. In the lyrics, Brown proclaims himself a “cyborg with vocal cords” and in the video clip he transforms into the same thing. Under the direction of *UNCANNY, Brown “blends humanity and technology as he gallops through Los Angeles in a bionic suit.”

“The release of new music is the cornerstone of several significant changes in Brown’s life so far,” the press release quotes. “Notably, Brown has recently moved from his hometown of Detroit to Austin, Texas, where he leads a sober life and records his comedy podcast The Danny Brown Show.” ‘SCARING THE HOES’, Brown’s latest album, created hand in hand with JPEGMAGIA, was released last March.

1. Quaranta
2. Tantor
3. Ain’t My Concern
4.Dark Sword Angel
5. YBP feat. Bruiser Wolf
6. Jenn’s Terrific Vacation feat. Kassa Overall
7. Down Wit It
8. Celibate feat. Mike
9. Shakedown
10. Hanami
11. Bass Jam

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