Dan Clark Audio E3 “planar” circumaural headphones

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Dan Clark Audio E3 “planar” circumaural headphones

Recently launched on the market by one of the high-end headphone specialists most dynamic of the moment, the E3 are an exciting proposal from the Californian Dan Clark Audio to put the uniqueness of its engineering and the renowned musicality his planar magnetic transducers (“planar”) within the reach of a greater number of fans. Circumaural type and with headphones closed at the back, they immediately attract attention due to their striking black and blue finish, their ergonomic shape and the coating of those on the exclusive Gorilla Glass 3to which we must add a plethora of imaginative technical refinements and meticulous tuning to achieve the legendary listening experience that characterizes Dan Clark Audio open-ear headphones designs.

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To be more specific, we must first highlight the presence of the revolutionary Metamaterial Tuning System Advanced (AMTS) from the American company, used for the first time in the elitist Stealth, Expanse and Corina models and which integrate waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave and Helmholtz resonators to eliminate standing waves, dramatically improving psound subtractions. The second key element of the E3 has to do with the iconic V-Planar transducer by Dan Clark Audio, now in its 5th generation and which mounts a tensioning system completely new that allows it to offer more uniform and coherent performance, lower distortion and improved overall consistency. In parallel, the use of advanced materials in the diaphragm and optimized grooves are reflected in a frequency response curve fabulously smooth across the audio spectrum, complemented by a analysis capacity of micro-information, tonal balance and a lack of listening fatigue typical of the best electrostatic headphones.

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The third major technical innovation that the E3 shows off is the so-called Dual-Mode Bass Porta unique solution, being the presence of ports in closed headphones that is unusual. The objective in this case is maximize control of the bass and thus create a extraordinarily balanced sound in the lower octaves, where punch and impact are not bloated or influenced by the midrange. The Dan Clark Audio are completed with a comfort of use in line with the reputation of the brand, highlighting in this regard the presence of a self-adjusting headband that “adds” to a ergonomics which invites long listening sessions. For its part, a 27 ohm impedance Ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. All this makes E3 a product Genuinely High End whose benefits provide it with a quality/price ratio out of the ordinary within its category.

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