Damiano from Måneskin considering making a solo album

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Damiano from Måneskin considering making a solo album

Since Måneskin won Eurovision in 2021, the group has become one of the biggest rock references today. However, perhaps soon we will see some members of the band start making music on their own. The first to open up about this is Damiano in an interview for the Allison Hagendorf Show.

The group’s vocalist has left open the possibility of embarking on a solo project: “Why not? I think it can be something very healthy and something very destructive. The only thing that matters is that you agree with the band, because the band will always be what has given me everything I have. The artist has confessed that, if he “ever” has the “opportunity to do a solo project”, he will keep in mind that it is “thanks” to what he did with “the band.”

«I think art should be about always trying new things and never stopping in your comfort zone. When something becomes too comfortable, it means it is not the right seat,” says Damiano. «You always have to challenge yourself. So if being alone scares me, let’s be alone. Let’s put ourselves in that uncomfortable situation because it’s the only environment in which I can truly grow. And if I grow, my band can grow. “If I stop developing, my band will stop developing,” he says.

Although he still doesn’t know what the future holds, Damiano reinforces Måneskin’s feeling of unity: “They are three people who always supported me and always had my back on stage, supporting me. And I always had the shield of my band, my musicians. If I screw up, they save me. “If they screw up, I’ll save them.”

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