Cometa gives it 'Everything for you' sounding like Los Bravos

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Cometa gives it 'Everything for you' sounding like Los Bravos

Cometa is a group from Madrid that is becoming known thanks to its sixties aesthetic and timeless melodies. It could be said that, if the choruses of Spanish pop from the 60s – the one that competed in Eurovision – were mixed with the guitars of rock n' roll, Cometa's music would emerge. Or what is the same: Cometa sounds like Los Bravos but in the 21st century.

Their debut single, 'I don't believe in love', has already put the cards on the table, and the quartet formed by Jimmy, Gonzalo, Pablo and Daniel has continued to publish equally great songs in the last year. Some are included on his 2023 EP, 'Help Yourself'. The Spanish aesthetics of the sixties and seventies are tremendously present in their repertoire and sound. But there is a line of ambition in melody, structure and production in 'Bulería spatial' – for example – that distances Cometa from other similar projects.

The union of great '90s guitars and Beach Boys-style “pa pa pa” harmonies is as careful as his quote to Camarón de la Isla, in 'Bulería spatial'. Then, the composition of 'Ask Me to Dance' is practically a loose adaptation of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper. The reference is obvious, but Cometa does with it whatever he wants.

They are songs, those of Cometa, taken care of on all fronts: melodies, production, interpretation, arrangements. Everything sounds measured and pampered. Also in her latest single, 'Todo por ti', one of his most direct compositions to date. And that's saying something.

In 'Todo por ti' Cometa's influences merge in a composition that approaches perfection. The energy of Los Bravos, the harmonies of the Beach Boys and the Chuck Berry-like leaping piano that appears throughout the recording, work at the service of a rich vocal melody that could have been used as the theme song for a television series in another time. It is a sound that, on an international level, the Lemon Twigs are also recovering using excellent songs. Cometa clearly seems like the Spanish response to him, without that diminishing the freshness of his proposal.

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