Cocleaning, an App for the rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants

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Cocleaning, an App for the rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants

Cochleara world leader in the manufacture of cochlear implants, has launched Cocleaninga mobile application intended for improve the development of auditory perception in boys and girls with cochlear implants. This App complements hearing rehabilitation work that the little ones do, both with their families and with the professionals who care for them. In this post we explain more about this App and how to use it.

This new Cochlear application is now available on Google Play. The first step is the registration on the App website, cocleando.comenabled for both parents and guardians and professionals. In both cases you must enter your first and last name, email and a password. And also a country code that we provide below: If you are a parent or guardian, the code is cocleandoappPTY, and If you are a professional, the code is cocleandoPTY.

Once registered, and with that email and password, you can use this App on any smartphone with Android operating system.

Cocleaning includes 14 game options organized into 4 areas of development of auditory perception (detection, discrimination, ID and comprehension).

‘Cocleando’ offers evolution graphs for each boy or girl

The application offers extensive configuration optionsas well as explanatory videosand graphs to visualize the development and evolution of each child in each of the aforementioned areas.

In the case of professionals, they may view the profiles of the different children with cochlear implants with whom they work.

Cocleando constitutes, according to its creators, “a novel, entertaining and indispensable tool for the joint use of children, families and therapists in the adventure of learning to listen through play.”

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