Coachella doesn't want Shakira

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Coachella doesn’t want Shakira

Coachella usually publishes its lineup at the beginning of the year. The 2023 one was revealed, in fact, on this day one year ago. At the moment it is unknown which artists will perform at the Californian macro-festival next spring, but HITS Daily Double, a portal linked to the music industry, has published the first names that – it is rumored – would be the headliners.

Lana Del Rey and Tyler the Creator “are confirmed to be headliners at Coachella 2024,” the portal wrote. Furthermore, “it seems” that Doja Cat will be the third headliner of the festival, scheduled as always in two weekends, April 12 and 14, and April 19 and 21. The Rolling Stones, Olivia Rodrigo, Peso Pluma and Travis Scott are also in the mix.

The one who seems not to be performing at Coachella is Shakira. According to HITS Daily Double, Shakira’s team has tried to get the festival to book the Colombian superstar as a headliner this year, but the festival has rejected the proposal “for reasons that have generated a lot of speculation.” Dua Lipa will also not be able to perform at Coachella “due to scheduling reasons.”

Finally, the possibility of Rage Against the Machine being another of the Coachella headliners in 2024 is completely ruled out, because the group has confirmed that it will not give any more concerts, canceling a tour announced in 2019 that has never happened. could perform.

Today, January 11, marks the first anniversary of the Bizarrap and Shakira session, the first major pop phenomenon of 2023. Shakira is expected to release a new album in 2024, containing many of her recent singles.

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