Christina Rosenvinge surrenders to desire in her 'Poem of Passion'

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Christina Rosenvinge surrenders to desire in her ‘Poem of Passion’

Christina Rosenvinge will release a new album on December 15, ‘The Sapphic Verses’. Rosenvinge, who, in recent times, has starred in the play ‘SAFO’, based on the life of Sappho of Lesbos, the well-known Greek poetess, will continue exploring the character in this new work, the first she has signed in five years. .

The first preview of ‘The Sapphic Verses’ is ‘Poem of Passion’, an adaptation of SAPPHO’s poem 31, which talks about female sexual desire and, in the words of Rosenvinge, was “a hit in ancient times.”

In ‘Poem of Passion’, the electric guitars that were already present in ‘A Blond Man’ (2018) are not going anywhere, but, this time, they surrender to distortion, like Rosenvinge to desire when he sings “I feel “I’m dying of love” and the recording becomes electrified.

“SAFO’s poem 31 is probably the first song in history that talks about the physical symptoms that sexual desire produces,” says Rosenvinge in the official press release. «It was a hit in ancient times, it was transmitted by word of mouth and covered by kings and poets. Sappho was a pop star in the 7th century BC, but her work was subsequently censored and buried for being too explicit about his liquid sexuality. I originally made it for the play SAFO presented at the Mérida Festival, but this version is totally different from the one performed in the play. We recorded it after the tour was over as a pop song that could have been written right now.

Christina Rosenvinge will be presenting her new album this winter: this Saturday, November 25, she will be at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Festival Acròbates), and on January 10 she will arrive at INVERFEST in Madrid.

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