Chris Frantz lanza rumores sobre la posible reunión de Talking Heads

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Chris Frantz launches rumors about possible Talking Heads reunion

New rumors about the return of the American rock band Talking Heads have spread through a publication by the band's drummer Chris Frantz on social networks that said “We will return.” Although it may be a false alarm.

Already in October 2023, talk of a possible meeting began, again due to statements by Franzon the film's fortieth anniversary “Stop Making Sense”. Now, the drummer has fueled these rumors with a post on Instagram that shows the theater marquee Pantages (Los Angeles) with a large sign that reads “Talking Heads”, in addition to some dates: “Dec 13, 14, 15, 16, 8pm”. The publication also reads “Tix at all ticketron outlets.”

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This publication is also related to the events that triggered the rumors last year. Talking Heads they recorded their “Stop Making Sense” in it Hollywood Pantages Theater in December 1983so his followers are speculating that the post may be related to the fortieth anniversary of that legendary film.

The most fans of the band have reacted in the comments of the publication of Chris Frantz showing excitement and hope for the possible return of one of the most iconic bands in American rock. One of them has even asked the drummer “Don't play with me, Christopher.”

Despite the excitement and rumors, this post may not mean anything. Maybe Franz It only refers to the meeting that the band will do next month in The Angels for a question and answer session and a screening of the feature film, which has been remastered this year. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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