Chica Sursalto takes “Retales” for a walk on her Pluto tour

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Chica Sursalto takes “Retales” for a walk on her Pluto tour

Chica Suralto faces a very promising 2024. The artist, who has just released her third album ‘Oráculo’ in May and the EP ‘Retales II’ in December, is preparing to tour the country with the help of Girando por Salas. In total, there will be 16 cities that she will visit during the first half of the year.

Contrary to what it may seem, the EP that Chica Sobresalto has just released has a lot to do with the album she published a few months ago. And, as she did with her second album, the artist has brought to light those “remnants” in song form that were necessary for the creation of the album but that, however, ended up serving as discards.

In ‘Sertralina’, one of the songs from ‘Retales II’, Chica Sobresalto sings about life from a sour and even pessimistic perspective. That sadness is also reflected in ‘The Hermit’, where the piano shines on its own to reflect the artist’s greatest fears and scream at loneliness. The songs on the EP, which are clearly drafts (only one of the four exceeds two minutes), manage to give more soul to ‘Oracle’ and give it greater depth.

This will be the music with which the singer will take to the country’s stages to continue making herself known, giving away those scraps to whoever is willing to listen to them. To be able to experience them up close, Chica Sobresalto has set almost 20 dates, tickets for which can be purchased here.

Pluto tour:
03.01 – LOGROÑO – Current Festival
23.02 – ERMUA – Ermua Antzokia
01.03 – GUADALAJARA – Oxide Room (GPS)
02.03 – TOLEDO – Art Circle (GPS)
08.03 – TAFALLA – Black Room
23.03 – BARCELONA – Razzmatazz 3
05.04 – MÁLAGA – Marte Room
06.04 – SEVILLE – Room La2
12.04 – GIJÓN – Acapulco Room
13.04 – SALAMANCA – Yesterday’s Girl Room (GPS)
20.04 – MADRID – The Wizink Room
25.04 – MURCIA – Beat Club Garage (GPS)
26.04 – ALMERÍA – Berlin Social Club (GPS)
27.04 – GRANADA – Aliatar Scenario (GPS)
18.05 – PAMPLONA – Baluarte
25.05 – TENERIFE – Aguere Cultural (GPS)

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