Cher says her beef with Madonna is a thing of the past

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Cher says her beef with Madonna is a thing of the past

Cher has given an interview to the Los Angeles Times where she has once again talked about her relationship with Madonna, following the fact that Madonna included a video of Cher in ‘The Celebration Tour’ in which the ‘Believe’ singer says that Madonna is « bad”.

In the recent interview, Cher reiterates that Madonna “can be bad,” and even remembers that she has called her “worse things” and that Madonna has “forgiven” her. Cher insists that she and the ‘Music’ author “buried the hatchet” a long time ago and that there is no conflict between the two. “There is no beef” are Cher’s words.

In the same talk, Cher points out that “I actually like Madonna” and shares words of admiration for the one from Detroit. “One thing you can’t argue with Madonna is that she has an ear for trends,” she declares. «She has always known what she was coming, and she has always been right. I think that is her great gift.

Speaking to another outlet, Cher has spoken out about a song created with artificial intelligence that reproduces her voice singing a Madonna song. She has said that the song “shock her” and has harshly criticized the AI ​​because “I have spent my whole life trying to be myself, and now these assholes want to steal my voice.” Cher does not mention the song, but she may be referring to a version of ‘La Isla Bonita’ that has been uploaded to YouTube for a few months.

Cher has just released her Christmas album, ‘Christmas’, which includes the single ‘DJ Play a Christmas Song’, and collaborations with Stevie Wonder and Cyndi Lauper.

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