Charli XCX remembers SOPHIE… and throws a dart at Rina Sawayama?

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Charli XCX remembers SOPHIE… and throws a dart at Rina Sawayama?

Charli XCX continues working on her next album, which still does not have a release date. However, over time we learn more details about the music she has on the way. In a recent interview with The Face, the artist has talked about the narrative we can expect in some of her future songs.

The most striking thing is, without a doubt, the memory of SOPHIE, who was very close to Charli XCX and had worked with the singer before her tragic death in 2021. Charli “impress her.” Before her accident in Athens almost three years ago, the two had worked together on several EPs and singles.

Charli XCX’s upcoming album will feature a song dedicated to SOPHIE, addressing the pain of her loss. «She believed in me in a way that I didn’t believe in myself. But I felt that she would never be interesting enough to enter her world outside of the studio, which was the safe space where we could connect and strengthen ties through music,” the artist acknowledges.

Charli XCX continues: “I didn’t feel like I was magical enough that this person was. And now that she’s gone, I’m so ashamed of her because I don’t have the chance to experience it anymore. I’m sorry I was a coward. It’s difficult to write about it. “I’m sad for myself for not having experienced everything this person had to offer.”

Likewise, the artist revealed in the interview that she wanted to make an album about how “fucking complicated and hard” it is to be a musician. Therefore, in her sixth album she will also sing about the tense relationship she has with a singer in the industry. Although what promises to be one of her most controversial songs has not yet been published, there are those who are already speculating that Rina Sawayama could be the protagonist of this song. Charli XCX has reacted to the rumors with the following publication: «If you want context, read the interview. If you don’t want context, make up whatever you want and convince yourself that it’s the truth… It’s 2024, who the hell cares!

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