Chanel prepares for her album with 'Now That I Don't Have You'

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Chanel prepares for her album with ‘Now That I Don’t Have You’

Almost two years after her time at Eurovision and her historic third position, Chanel is about to release her long-awaited debut album. ‘Water!’ It comes out this Friday and, to liven up the wait, the artist has published one of the songs that are part of it: ‘Now That I Don’t Have You’.

In the same vein as the hit ‘Clavaito’ with Abraham Mateo, Chanel opts for bachata in the seventh track of her first album. In ‘Now That I Don’t Have You’, she is also accompanied by another male voice: that of FMK. The Argentine artist, with more than 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify, is known for his hit ‘Los del Espacio’, which has had quite a hit in our country.

In the collaboration between the two, there is little room for innovation or novelty. The similarity to the ‘SloMo’ singer’s most recent singles is evident. However, it seems that her ability to make a hooky chorus is still intact. “Now that I don’t have you, I started to love you” they both sing in it, which becomes quite catchy to show off its sought-after radio flavor.

«Often, we value what we have when we lose it. ‘Now That I Don’t Have You’ is a song that talks about that moment, when we don’t know how to cut the threads of that relationship,” Chanel commented on the song, which she defines as “a nostalgic bachata of those that are dedicated.” The truth is that the single has a quite sad narrative despite its lively melody, where the feelings about a failed relationship that the singers would give another chance are narrated.

To discover if this is the musical trend of the album, we will have to wait until this Friday, although we already know six of the twelve that will make it up. Among them, the aforementioned ‘SloMo’ or the attempted song of the summer ‘PM’. The successful ‘Clavaito’ will be in charge of opening it and the still unknown ‘Agua’ will be the one that closes it.

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