Chanel Beads brings "something strange, something new"

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Chanel Beads brings “something strange, something new”

Chanel Beads is one of those gems from the Jagjaguwar label (Sharon von Etten, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Angel Olsen). This is New Yorker Shane Lavers' group, which has been making itself known on the local Manhattan scene for some time. Their debut album, 'Your Day Will Come', was released this month and is highly recommended.

In standout cuts like 'Embarrassed Dog' or 'Idea June', Lavers obtains a sound that is both dreamlike and dirty by superimposing electronic and digital instruments. At some point dream-pop and post-punk intersect to become the music of Chanel Beads.

Chanel Beads' experimental productions are a delight to listen to, for example the mix of acoustic and distortion sounds on 'Urn'. That mix occurs again in probably her most accessible song.

On 'Police Scanner' – today's Song Of The Day – the drums sound evocative of post-punk. Added to the relentless percussion are layers of acoustic guitars that shine like sunlight, while Lavers' adulterated voice tries to make its way through the sound. 'Police Scanner' sounds as if darkness had settled in Porches' imagination, but not completely.

The lyrics of 'Police Scanner' talk about “believing in something more” and “changes” that “come.” When Lavers invokes “something strange, something new,” he seems to be referring to his own music. Exactly like this, strange, but also new, the music of Chanel Beads sounds.

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