Caroline Polachek plays the goose in 'Dang'

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Caroline Polachek plays the goose in ‘Dang’

In the days before the announcement of ‘Desire, I Want to Turn Into You’, Caroline Polachek’s latest album, the title of ‘Dang’ circulated online. Polachek’s second full-length work would be titled ‘Dang’, according to initial rumors, because the first was ‘Pang’ (2019). But did anyone really think Polachek was going to be so obvious?

Almost three years after ‘Bunny is a Rider’, and many months after the release of ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’, comes ‘Dang’. Polachek’s new single is now available on platforms and seems to open the door to the release of a deluxe edition of the album.

‘Dang’ is one of the silliest productions ever released by Polachek. Produced with his right-hand man, Danny L. Harle, and by Cecile Believe, ‘Dang’ offers a kind of (de)construction of something similar to Brazilian funk, only with an assortment of a thousand production effects. Among strings, pot percussion and various noises, Caroline’s sampled goose song also emerges.

Polachek has premiered ‘Dang’ live on American television. The former member of Chairlift has given a 100% Kate Bush performance, although the comparisons with the British singer weigh on her, because, instead of singing the song live accompanied by musicians, she has chosen to simulate a TedTalk conference, playback through.

Polachek’s presentation on NPR’s Tiny Desk was live. With it we leave you:

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