Carolina Durante más íntimos que nunca en “Elige tu propia aventura”

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Carolina Durante more intimate than ever in “Choose your own adventure”

Madrileños Carolina Durante They give us “Choose your own adventure”, their most intimate song, as the first preview of their next album, which will have the same name as the song.

Two years after “Four kids” We will receive the new and long-awaited album Carolina Durante. Once again by Sonido Muchacho and Universal Music Spain. As a first preview, the Madrid band publishes a first single that will also give its name to the album. “Choose Your Own Adventure,” probably their most intimate song to date. A song that anticipates the maturity and ambition of the album on the way.

“Choose your own adventure” It will also be, therefore, the third full-length album by these four kids who continue to grow, which is a pleasure. The first single that comes to us from this long-awaited new album is a song that also gives it a most prophetic title. Diego, singer and lyricist, gives us more clues about it. The reason for the name takes us, suddenly, to interactive books with red covers and half-lit readings between sheets.

“Choose your own adventure, like those books we read when we were little. I really only read one and it wasn't even mine, it was my cousin's, from the nineties. I remember that when I took a path that I didn't like, I went back and chose another one.” , I wanted to choose the path that I liked the most. Life, fortunately, doesn't work like that and you constantly choose your own adventure and it is inevitable to screw up, hurt others and hurt yourself.

“To this day I obsessively rack my brain over every single thing I do wrong or could have done better for days, weeks and months as if it were any good. It's possible that if you watch a child read one of these books you'll a clue as to how it will behave in the future in real life.”

Does this song give us clues about what is coming in the next album of Carolina Durante? We'd bet an arm's length that it does. “I started writing the song after remembering a lullaby that my father used to sing to me when I was little, which in turn came from a poem by Juan Goytisolo. It's probably the least Carolina Durante song we've ever released. It is a slow song, very intimate, more sung, without any chorus and with an instrumentation different from what we have ever done.”

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