Carlangas and Alice Wonder, at the Bilbao BBK Live city concerts

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Carlangas and Alice Wonder, at the Bilbao BBK Live city concerts

Bilbao BBK Live will be held once again on July 11, 12 and 13 with a lineup that includes national and international music heavyweights such as Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, Los Planetas, The Prodigy, Grace Jones and Jungle. The Kobetamendi mountain will once again host a new edition of the Basque festival of which JENESAISPOP is a half collaborator.

In addition, Bilbao BBK Live will once again deploy its urban programming, Hirian, “on the street” in Basque, with a series of artists who will perform outdoors, for free, in the Rekalde neighborhood, on Saturday, June 1.

Among the confirmed artists are some like Carlangas and Los Cubatas, Las Odio and other artists that we have recently recommended on the website, such as Maren or Pipiolas, as well as recommended classics such as Pablo Und Destruktion.

Alice Wonder Dillom, Putilatex and Doctor Explosión, the latter known for their version of 'I'm a truhán, I'm a gentleman' by Julio Iglesias, appear in turn in Hirian's programming, which expands to 18 confirmed artists, also adding to DJs Coolnenas, Euskoprincess, Ezpalak, Germán and La Alegría del Barrio, HUDA, DJ Juguete, Mirua, Ruptura and $kyhook.

Hirian is a project of the Creative Industries Foundation that, together with Bilbao BBK Live, informs the festival, “is consolidated with the objective of creating an experience that transcends the limits of the festival and becomes a catalyst for social change by promoting the participation of the entire population and providing value to the community in which it impacts.

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