Caring for your ears in winter

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Caring for your ears in winter

The cold has already arrived. It has been a long time coming in some parts of Spain, but it is here. Temperatures have dropped and again The season of colds and colds begins, which for our ears is synonymous with otitis. Children are also the most vulnerable in this sense, since They usually have between 6 or 7 catarrhal processes each winterespecially those whogive to daycares. Therefore We also have to take care of our ears in winter. Again prevention is key.

The most general condition is the upper respiratory tract cold, which is due to an infection of viral origin. And sometimes, When this cold persists, otitis media appears. As it explains Dr. Juan Royo, from the hearing health community Living Soundthe origin of this complication It is due to the fact that nasal mucus remains in the ducts that connect the nose with the ear (Eustachian tubes), which facilitates infection of the middle ear cavities, usually causing a lot of pain.

Apart from the aforementioned ear pain, irritability or gastroenteritis may be other symptoms which indicate that we are facing otitis media. Although a simple cold can be treated without antibiotics and with nasal cleansing with saline, aspiration of mucus, and antipyretics and analgesics, otitis may require specific treatment for 10 or 15 days, although it is recommended to wait a day or two in case the inflammation subsides, and with it the pain.

How to prevent otitis
We discover nothing if we insist that the best way to prevent colds and possible otitis begins with dress warmly with hats, scarves or earmuffs. And in the case of children, perform nasal washes to clear this pathway, which is responsible for warming and humidifying cold air in winter.

Hygiene is also key to preventing ear problems. In this sense, it is recommended to use seawater diffusers. And, of course, the use of cotton swabs or other objects must be ruled out.

And even though we are in winter, The practice of swimming in heated and covered pools also advises preventing the appearance of external otitis., just as annoying as the one that appears with colds but which has a different treatment. To avoid its appearance, the best advice is still to dry your ears well after bathing and use hearing protectors while we are in the water.

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