caracazador joins forces with Zahara visiting 'Casamurada'

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caracazador joins forces with Zahara visiting ‘Casamurada’

Caracazador is the alias of Pablo Pérez, a singer and composer from Cádiz who published his first songs in 2020. In fact, in the middle of the pandemic, Caracazador’s first song was officially released, the folk lullaby of ‘A Primavera’. Afterwards, the pianistic ‘A dos tiempo’ continues paving the way for the release of Caracazador’s first album.

Tradition and electronics come together in ‘Marea y Plata’ (2020), for example in the atmospheric title track or in the neo-flamenco ‘Pies descalzos’. Some compositions, such as ‘La chica fluorescente’ or the exciting ‘There are children in the morning’, exhibit a baroque richness unusual in any debut, in an album curiously recorded with an iPad in which Pablo begins to define his sound by pulling different evolutions of folk or neoclassical music.

In 2021, caracazador continues to publish single songs, such as ‘Aún no lo cuentas’ or ‘Distrito industrial’, and, also, that year, he meets Zahara, who ends up signing him to her label GOZZ Records. Zahara and Pablo met that summer during a composition course that Zahara taught at the La Casamurada farmhouse-recording studio. From there comes the title of the first single that Caracazador releases at this current stage of his career.

The classical piano continues to guide the sound of ‘CASAMURADA’, drawing a beautiful melody accompanied by subtle percussions, until the electronic beat comes into action. The contrast of elements also defines the lyrics of ‘CASAMURADA’, a song that speaks “of the whirlwind of everyday life and the difficulty of combining the obligations of adult life with love.”

Zahara shares the following words about caracazador: «When I listen to Pablo I imagine him collecting small fragments of his life, with great care, arranging them, delicately illuminating them to turn them into songs. In them I feel at home and at the same time I feel that he is taking me to a new, unknown and magical place in which I am looking forward to getting lost.

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