C. Tangana talks about "being a son of a bitch" in 'Lo de Évole'

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C. Tangana talks about “being a son of a bitch” in ‘Lo de Évole’

C. Tangana has spoken again about his relationship with the world of fame. The artist, who just released his documentary ‘Esta ambition desmedida’ just a few months ago, will be the first guest on the new season of ‘Lo de Évole’, the well-known talk show on laSexta. In a program that will premiere this Sunday, the singer has discussed his growth as an artist, his constant need to want to rock it, or his fear of exposure. JENESAISPOP has had access to some fragments of the program, which we discuss below.

«The exhibition has always made me panic. “A lot of panic,” C. Tangana will confess to Jordi Évole when the journalist asks about his insecurities. «Then you realize that it doesn’t matter because no one cares about you. People go home and care about their father and mother, but they don’t care about you,” says the author of ‘El Madrileño’ bluntly. «If they consider you an artist, that’s great, because you influence them in a way that inspires them and makes them see life in a different way. But if not, what are you? A famous person? », He explains.

Regarding the controversy, C. Tangana acknowledges that he is already “used to it”, although he affirms that these years he is “more conciliatory”: “Before, I didn’t care that people thought that I was a son of a bitch, that I was a bad person. , who did not share some values. But, over time, that starts to weigh on me. It’s like, ‘You don’t know me?’ And before he said, ‘better, let him think that…!’ And over time that doesn’t happen to me anymore.

“I’ve always had a narcissistic feeling of wanting to do something worthwhile,” he confesses about his desire to rock it. «Not to attract attention, but to do things with weight. “Things that transcend,” says the singer, claiming that he wants to “intervene in the world” instead of “passing through here” and that it doesn’t matter “whether he has been there or not.” «I believe that with my sensitivity I can affect the world, and I want to affect the world. “It’s an excessive, crazy feeling,” he himself says.

The full interview will be broadcast on laSexta next Sunday, January 21 at 9:25 p.m. Meanwhile, the artist continues to enjoy great success with his latest album, which made it the best-selling album in Spain in 2021 and which in 2023 has kept it within the top 10.

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