Britney remembers meeting Taylor Swift 20 years ago

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Britney remembers meeting Taylor Swift 20 years ago

Pop history is full of encounters that are impossible to believe, but that happened, like when Beyoncé met Selena Quintanilla a few years before Destiny’s Child was formed, or when a teenager Gwen Stefani appeared in front of Sting and asked for an autograph.

Another of those stories is the one starring Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. In 2003, Spears organized a performing arts camp for disadvantaged children and teenagers. A very young Taylor Swift, who was about 13 or 14 years old at the time, was beginning to take her first steps on stage, and was one of the special guests at the camp.

Taylor met Spears at the camp, which took place in the summer of 2003 in a rural area of ​​Massachusetts, and the two took a photo together, now well known to fans of both singers. At that time, Spears had not yet released ‘Me Against the Music’, the first single from ‘In the Zone’ (2003), and Swift had three years left to release her debut album.

Recalling old times, Spears has posted the well-known photo in which she poses with a teenage Swift but has also revealed a hitherto unknown fact: Spears says that she met Swift even before that photo, during the ‘Oops!’ tour. …I Did it Again’ in 2000, when Taylor came into his dressing room to play him a song.

“During the “Oops” tour in 2000, someone knocked on my door and my assistant told me he had a girl named Taylor who wanted to meet me and sing for me,” Spears said in an Instagram post. «Taylor and my assistant came in and she sang a beautiful song with her guitar. I thought it was amazing. “We took a photo together and she went on to become the most iconic pop woman of our generation.” Spears adds that she likes Swift “playing in stadiums” and says that she prefers “to watch Taylor’s music videos than any movie.”

The photo Spears alludes to is logically different from the one from 2003, so there would be photos of them together in at least three different years. In 2008, Spears and Swift met again (and posed together) during that year’s MTV Video Music Awards. As for Swift, she has paid tribute to Spears on occasion, for example, covering ‘Lucky’ live.

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